Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lon Winters Seminars at the NBM Printwear shows 2011

Lon Winters is teaching 4 seminars at the Printwear shows this year.
You don't want to miss out on these great classes:

You will learn: how to determine what your real needs may be, what questions to ask your manufacturers and suppliers, important key words and definitions, how to prepare a real equipment list without leaving out critical details, and what supplies and materials must be included from the very beginning.

Ready to pull the trigger? Startup is a critical piece in business success, so take the guesswork out from the beginning. You don’t have to learn the hard way. Let twenty five-year screen printing veteran and consultant Lon Winters take your hand and walk you through the many important early considerations – right out of the gate. Learn insiders’ perspectives on quality equipment, materials and planning that can get you from zero to sixty with the least resistance. Then, take what you have learned directly to the exhibit hall.

You will learn: the process requirements necessary for specialty printing, design concepts for specialty printing applications, mesh selection for optimal results, art, separations, screen making, ink mixing and on-press tricks and tips to really WOW your customers.

Specialty printing is easier to produce than you might think. Lon Winters takes the perceived complexity out of specialty printing and demonstrates how they can be used to increase your bottom line. Learn valuable techniques to add unique textures and dimension to your prints and offer these high profit and dynamic results to your customers. Move beyond special effects and to become a specialty printer. Add the hottest specialty printing techniques—including high-density, clears & gels, discharge & water-based, foil & bling, all-over printing & over seams, and more—to your current offerings and add sizzle to your sales.

You will learn: design concepts for mixed media garments, how to combine two or more techniques into a high-dollar fashion garment, how to anticipate and avoid possible pitfalls in adding an additional application, and how to determine which embellishment application you may want to add to your existing business.

Screen printing, embroidery, transfer, direct-to-substrate, rhinestones, foil, appliqué and more—pick two or three… or four. Today’s top designers and brands are mixing more than one medium to create that $80 retail T-shirt. Find out the tricks to producing these hot retail trends without the brain damage associated with mixed media. Specialty applications expert Lon Winters will walk you through some simple techniques and applications you can offer to customers without a tremendous investment.

You will learn: design and concept for dark garments; how to choose proper separation techniques and output parameters - choosing halftone style, size, angle and shape; about the various types of separation methods; proper selection of screen mesh including TPI, thread diameter, open area % and tension and On-press techniques: squeegee, floodbar selection, speed, angle and pressure.

Veteran educator and award-winning printer Lon Winters shares insight into choosing the correct techniques, from separation selections (including halftone size, angles and shapes), screen mesh selections and having the correct print order to make your prints really POP! Learn the secrets to printing on dark garments using an underbase with a flash followed, by additional colors – all wet- on-wet. This class will help you understand the principles of design and print on dark garments. Tried-and-true print techniques will be covered to maximize productivity.

You can sign up HERE for the classes at these NBM Printwear shows:
Austin, TX - March 24-26
Indianapolis, IN - June 9-11
Long Beach, CA - August 11-13
Baltimore, MD - September 8-10

After you finish with your education stop by our booth, we will have one at all the shows.

About the Instructor:
At the age of 21, Lon Winters was head of production for Ocean Pacific. He learned screen printing from the bottom up, starting his nearly 25 year career reclaiming screens. His companies have won more than 50 international, SGIA, industry publication and FESPA garment decorating awards and honors, has served over 10 years as an honorary Golden Image judge, published numerous articles and columns, led a multitude of industry seminars and workshops, and consulted on projects large and small throughout the world. Winters is the president of Colo.-based Print This, Inc. /, an international consulting firm and embellishing studio specializing in screen printing technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshooting, productivity, quality analysis and complete garment-embellishing solutions.

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